All about Yoga Byrne

Meet Sue,

 Sue is available for  corporate yoga classes, private classes & and holds space for  retreats and workshops

Hello and Welcome to Yoga Byrne.


My name is Sue Byrne

I have been practicing yoga for 16 years and teaching since 2007

My yoga journey was borne from my search to undertake a different form of exercise to help with my depression and anxiety that I had been experiencing since childhood.

On a personal level, I found that my asana (posture) practice significantly eased both of these. Due to the benefits I experienced, I then wanted to understand more about yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation etc.) and deepen my yoga knowledge. This resulted in me participating as a student in numerous live-in International and Australian retreats facilitated by esteemed teachers. These experiences became the catalyst for me to become a yoga teacher which has seen me attend training immersion’s held in India, Bali, America and Australia.


As a yoga teacher, I am passionate about helping others with their life journey and wanting them to experience the wonderful benefits that a regular practice can bring.


I teach classes that are suitable to all bodies

It is primarily Hatha Vinyasa Flow yoga. This will include beginners,intermediate, general, restorative, back care & Yin yoga classes.

I like  introducing our students to other yoga disciplines and related activities via Workshops and Retreats. Check out the retreat and workshop pages. Stay up to date with the latest news via our monthly enews.

please just drop me an email or call to connect with me.


Sue Byrne