Collaboration with Wild Awake Travel

Our reasons for collaboration with Wild Awake is obvious.

From the first time you meet the leader and mastermind of such retreats you get it, you get the path that she is on

I and Fiona will join together in April 2020 to take you to NZ Stay tuned by connecting with Facebook or Insta

A little about Fiona and Wild Awake

Sustainable, ethical and conscious.

We use the word transformative to describe things that cause a marked change in someone or something. Transformative travel is all about exploring the notion that immersing yourself in a different environment can provide the catalyst for deep internal change. Travel can be inspiring, enriching and deeply fulfilling. It can pique our curiosity, get us asking questions and more connected to the fact that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

Wild Awake’s specially curated experiences are aimed at cultivating change – using every opportunity to harness these qualities of travel and time immersed in nature, to further open our minds and nurture our souls.

Wild Awake is all about strengthening connection – to the world around us, and to ourselves. We further support this by our commitment to traveling sustainably, ethically and consciously. Be prepared to tread lightly, and get off the beaten track.

Our partners, local providers, and services align with our ethical approach. Personally sourced and hand-picked, we bring these people and places together to ensure your entire experience aligns with our ethos, from the ground up.

Heading into 2019, the Wild Awake team will grow and together we will provide you with unique opportunities to immerse in nature and culture, practice yoga and supportive healing modalities in extraordinary locations, and get you off grid and unplugged in a world that has become increasingly hectic and noisy.

Each Wild Awake experience supports conservation and social projects, inviting you to contribute and enrich not only your own life but that of others. You can travel with intention, roll up your sleeves, open your heart – and make a positive difference to the environment, and to communities with which you connect.