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Beginners classes and courses

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 5 pm -6 pm

Bookings not essential these are casual classes


Payment is $19 or a class card of $80 per month for 2 classes per week



Beginners Courses …………………………………. Bookings and pre-payment on these courses are essential

Tuesday 6.15 – 7.15 pm on a 4-week schedule $50 for the course

Saturday 10.15-11.15 am on a 4-week schedule $50 for the course




Is it time to reassess the basics of your yoga foundation postures?

Contact me for a 45-minute private class to check out the postures for you


This is suitable for the student who has been practicing for 6 months or more and wants to check in with their integral structure in the asana.

Our foundation postures are what cements the flow class altogether.

Maybe you have lost focus on the integrity of the yoga postures?

Is your house (body) cyclone proof?

Building the foundation of your pose should be your first and, perhaps, most important task when you step onto the mat.  When we root deeply and surrender, trusting that the earth will support us, we are able to rise and expand upward.  The exercise of rooting into the earth connects us with Apana-Vayu, the grounding and descending force in the body that governs the elimination of toxic energies.  Like almost every other aspect of yoga, the subtle act of rooting down doesn’t just happen; it has to be cultivated.

Many yoga practitioners must first re-educate their feet.  Think about it: feet are engineering marvels that on any typical day, are misused.  Let’s check out your feet

Whether you’re an advanced asana master or someone who has never stepped on the mat, your practice will undeniably improve with time spent in a Basics Yoga class.  Why?      Read on…

  1. Are you doing it right?

If you’ve been practicing Vinyasa, for a while, chances are you might have become slightly ego driven in your practice rather than noticing, say, the subtleties of achieving correct alignment. In this workshop, there is no singling out if you’re unsure of how to get into a posture or which variation of a posture is right for you; we will deliver this information blanket to the whole class with demonstrations and adjustments for each student.

  1. Are you listening?

Sometimes we zone out and may don’t listen to what the instructor maybe asking us to do. Foot here, leg there maybe you get confused? Let’s start again in this workshop and find your warrior

  1. You really are a beginner

Chaturanga, Utthita Trikonasana, I-don’t-know-what-you’re-saying-asana… If you’ve been into a yoga class and had to do more looking around to see what the others were doing than going with the flow, then it’s time to go back to basics. And that’s ok!

If you take the time to lay a foundation through this workshop you will ultimately become a stronger yogi. Being able to flow through the poses with the knowledge of how to self-correct means you won’t be flustered trying to keep up or ‘get it right’ – instead you’re free to focus on your breathing and really go inside to get the full mental and physical benefits of yoga.










Bookings are required for all the above workshops and courses.

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